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All BMCC students are required to take at least one Writing Intensive (WI) course in order to graduate. The WI classes will help you to improve your writing skills, which is key to success as a student and in your future career. Good writing will help you search for a job as well as communicate better once you have a position.

What are the benefits of Writing Intensive (WI) courses?

  • WI Courses will help you understand course concepts
  • You will learn to analyze and connect ideas
  • It will be easier for you to remember what you’ve learned
  • You will benefit from the smaller class size
  • You will learn from specially trained professors

How is a WI course different from other courses?

WI courses cover the same material as non-WI classes, but with an added emphasis on writing to help you process the material. When you complete the course, a “WI” is recorded on your transcript.

Don’t WI courses require more work, especially if I don’t like writing?

WI courses are designed to help you work smarter, not harder. In other words, while you will write more in this class, the writing will help you to master the material and pass the class. In a WI course, instructors will assign a variety of written exercises that give you an opportunity to improve your grade by helping you understand the material and demonstrating what you’ve learned.

What support is available for Writing Intensive students?

Your Professor’s Office Hours: Your professors will encourage you to attend their office hours to discuss your work

The Writing Center: The staff at the Writing Center is available to help you with your assignments. Writing assistants work with students to develop and refine written assignments in all subject areas. Assistants provide guidance in the writing process: understanding the assignment, generating ideas, citing sources, revising, and correcting grammar. WI professors strongly recommend that their students utilize the Writing Center. The staff takes time to work with students and wants to help you succeed.

The Writing Center is located in the Learning Resource Center in Room S-500 at 199 Chambers Street, phone: (212) 220-1384.

Upcoming Writing Intensive (WI) courses

Search for writing intensive courses at CUNYfirst. See This chart (PDF) for help with the CUNYfirst search for WI courses.