Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC)

For more information on BMCC’s Writing Across the Curriculum program, e-mail Holly Messitt (hmessitt@bmcc.cuny.edu) or Rifat Salam (rsalam@bmcc.cuny.edu).

Writing is key to success in school and career. The mission of the BMCC WAC program is to support the integration of writing into all departments in order to promote student learning. WAC faculty offer over 200 different Writing Intensive (WI) courses each semester.

Writing Intensive Courses for Students

BMCC students must take one Writing Intensive (WI) course in order to graduate. WI courses cover the same material as non-WI classes, but with an added emphasis on writing to help students process the material. There are over 200 different WI courses to choose from each semester and class sizes are small (limited to 25 students).

Are you a BMCC student? Learn more about Writing Intensive Courses

WAC Training for Faculty

Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) at BMCC is a resource for faculty members in all departments who are interested in promoting student learning through writing.

Each semester, we train a cohort of approximately ten faculty members in WAC pedagogy, enabling them to teach WI courses.

We are also dedicated to supporting WAC faculty in all departments by offering pedagogical support, consultations on assignment design, and targeted refresher workshops. Learn More about WAC Certification for Faculty

Faculty Experiences Teaching Writing Intensive Courses