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Data Reported to IPEDS

Use this link to find official BMCC data as reported to IPEDS (U.S. National Center for Education Statistics)

Data Dashboards

BMCC Factbook Enrollment Dashboard

Additional information can be found in the BMCC Factbook Supplement

Fall 2018 Enrollment Snapshot

BMCC Graduates and Transfers Dashboard

BMCC Retention and Completion Rates by Fall Cohort

BMCC Graduates Dashboard

BMCC Enrollment Trends

CUNY Student Experience Survey Results


Data Reports

Upshot is a our series of brief reports featuring data about BMCC. The newest report, “A Fasater Wy to Complete Freshman Composition focuses on a “co-requisite” course in English for BMCC students who are not quite fully prepared for Freshman Composition.

The Enrollment, Retention, and Completion Report is published in the spring and provides strategic information about student progress.

The Transfer Report for 2016 is now available, covering facts about students who transfer after graduation, who transfer out before graduation, and who transfer into BMCC after attending other colleges.

The BMCC Common Dataset, Fall 2017. The Common Data Set Initiative is a collaborative effort to standardize information across colleges for reporting to a number of publications and other institutions.

CUNY Student Data Books

BMCC Student Success Report Card (June 2018)


Selected Reports


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