IEA Goals

Provide planning guidance, expertise, and support to the College, academic programs and AES units, as well as appropriate oversight over implementation of strategic and operational planning.

Planning Outcomes

  • Ensure implementation and management of the College’s Institutional Effectiveness Plan
  • Ensure continuous improvement of the College’s operational planning process
  • Support effective annual action planning for academic programs and AES units

Provide assessment and program/unit evaluation guidance and expertise to academic departments and AES units to ensure continuous improvement to student learning and the environment for student learning.

Assessment Outcomes

  • Enhance the College’s organized, systematic, and comprehensive assessment system
  • Support effective assessment of student learning and program review within the College’s Academic Programs
  • Support effective assessment of student learning and unit review within the College’s AES units

Provide timely and accurate information and analyses for data requests and support for accurate, relevant, and useful data collection and analyses through collaborative review of research design and methodology

Analytics Outcomes

  • Ensure efficient and accurate responses to institutional and departmental data requests
  • Produce comprehensive and relevant data analyses and reporting
  • Enhance effective data collection and reporting through provision of research design and methodology support

Institutional Effectiveness and Analytics

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New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 220-8330

Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
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