Completed Capital Projects

Pool Reconstruction

BMCC’s pool reconstruction consists of a new HVAC system, tiling, murals and seating. The new state-of-the-art water microfiltration and pool covers will allow for cleaner water and energy conservation.

Comprehensive HVAC Upgrades

In Fall 2015, BMCC embarked on a $24 million dollar project to replace its three decades old heating and air conditioning units, air handlers, pumps and returns. This provides more consistent and energy-efficient temperature control in classrooms, labs, offices and public spaces like the library and cafeterias.

Bathroom Upgrade

BMCC has undertaken a comprehensive 26-bathroom renovation project at the Chambers Street building. The project’s focus is to provide greater accessibility, ventilation and temperature control systems. Upgrades include new stalls, floors, fixtures, ceilings and lighting.

Rooftop Solar Panels

Working with New York Power Authority, 912 solar panels will be installed on the BMCC roof and mechanical rooms facing West Street in the Chambers Street building. This will be the largest photovoltaic array in Manhattan capable of generating 325 kWh of electricity.

Ramp and Plaza Replacement

The Chambers Street ramp, third floor plaza and various setbacks at the main building will be completely removed, base waterproofed and replaced with a solid concrete base.