Pillar AreaObjective/Goal Summary
EnergyReduce energy consumption, power down:
Perform energy audit and update or install sensors in all rooms / offices at BMCC (Chambers street, one year per floor)
Equip all computers/ copiers with energy saving capabilities so they shut down after a certain idle time
Building Management System (BMS) front end DASHBOARD
Install modern sensor system, thermostats (Chambers) for air temperature
Install and retrofit to LED lighting elements, Chambers Building
Modify escalators to use less power; encourage stair use; skip stops at Fiterman
Change turbines from steam only to electric/steam
Encourage use of revolving doors at main entrance Chambers
Replace individual servers with energy efficient blade servers
Implement "Flip a Switch, Kill a Watt" program by placing stickers on electronic devices
Train BMCC's staff on energy management principles. Engineering staff.
Install green roof, green spaces: =
Install green roof at Fiterman (grass)
Install green roof of Theater One, Chambers building
Research installation of green wall on Theater Two, Chambers building
Research installation of garden area on Theater One Plaza/ slope
Identify spaces and ownership for the installation of Greenhouse (3rd floor plaza), small garden areas.
Install Greenhouse, small garden areas.
Determine requirements for open-air experiments use of roof and plaza spaces
Install solar panels and possible wind turbines :
Replace roof system with enhanced supports
Install 300KW dispatchable solar PV system on the roof of the main college building
WaterWater conservation and purity activities:
Add hydration stations with faucets to fill water bottles. Fiterman first, followed by Chambers.
Encourage students and faculty to report leakages
Encourage alternatives to bottled beverages on campus
Research and pilot a flush-less urinal, monitor maintenance and chemical issues
Install automatic flush campus-wide
Conduct feasibility study for potential green roof to collect / recycle storm water
Set all sanitary facilities to conform to ADA requirements
Install aerators in all bathrooms
Install caps or sensors on faucets in bathrooms
TransportationBikes and Cycling, Transportation Alternatives:
Encourage utilization of the bike racks around the campus (Web)
Distribute bike maps, apps, and Guides (Web
Provide information and advocate car pooling on BMCC website
Measure the number of students not traveling to campus to take classes as a result of online options
Encourage the use of more environmentally friendly vehicles by BMCC's community
Draft policy that prioritizes 1. zero emissions 2. hybrid vehicles 3. fossil fuel efficiency (or reduction) for newly purchased / leased BMCC vehicles
Waste & RecyclingReduce the use of non-recyclable materials; completely recycle all recyclable materials:
Have stats provided regularly on a central database or website (Web)
Institute a computer and technology disposal and recycling program for all components
Institute a Sustainability Fair annually on campus, advertise city sites for E-waste
Pair trash containers with recyclable containers, in every classroom
Pair trash containers with recyclable containers in the cafeteria
Develop reliable data tracking system for recycling and waste
Replace promotional refillable water bottle with a stainless steel bottle
Initiate on-campus composting program
Stop using balloons for campus events
Monitor paper usage per capita, by department (including Reprographics)
Eliminate the printing of Advisement Data Sheets ( will be gone by CUNYFirst)
Train faculty to use DegreeWorks
Allow and advocate the utilization of double sided copying and printing centers.
Eliminate the unnecessary "cover page" and the follow-up page printed with every print out.
Encourage recycling one sided printouts and using unprinted side.
Support phasing out of textbooks and handouts.
Encourage all faculty and students to collect and reuse waste paper
Can be used for syllabus, notes, handouts, rough drafts, scratch paper etc.
Make online collaborative software available to all, e.g. Sharepoint, Blackboard, etc.
Sell inexpensive reusable bags in the student bookstore. Use reusable bags for school sponsored events.
Default BMCC computers with double-printing system
Preset the bottom of all outgoing emails with text: "Do you need to print?"
Specify preference for electronic product catalogs to vendors and suppliers
Purchase paper products that use chlorine and bleach free post consumer recycled content.
Purchase low VOC paint
Establish policy to purchase only soy ink cartridges
Eliminate plastic straws and lids from campus (or replace with biodegradable straws and lids)
Establish policy requiring all future supplies to be energy efficient
Purchase micro fiber mops for cleaning
Sustainable DiningSustainable Dining, Health and Wellness:
Develop informational campaign (re: physical activity, healthy foods, international, agribusiness)
Implement informational campaign
Enhance stairwells to encourage use of the stairs
Research vendor decision making
Research about choices in the vending machines, background research on snacks, portions, marketing
Enhance healthy food options in the cafeteria and vending machines, at events
Provide support groups for increasing healthy behaviors (e.g. Health and Wellness Club)
Tobacco free campaign
Install fruit and salad vending machines
Establish discount program for those bringing reusable cups into the cafeteria
Outreach and EducationCreate an interactive, simple-to-understand web-site:
Design and create content for the BMCC Sustainability web site
Collaborate on formatting, look and feel of web site
Create sustainability web site to inform of BMCC's sustainable actions
Establish a recycling, energy, and water baseline analysis program; regularly update on web
Publish a snapshot of the energy consumption on BMCC's sustainability web page
Green the Curriculum, expand the environmental course options
Contact Chairs and solicit departmental Sustainability Council Liaisons; inform campus leaders
Develop alternative energy education exhibit displaying wind turbines
Create a Sustainability FIG (Faculty/Staff Interest Group), offer presentations
Assess and audit the integration of sustainability-related topics and pedagogy into courses
Encourage and support the creation of new sustainability-oriented courses and pedagogies
Connect with associations and learned societies, e.g., AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education, Millennium Alliance for Humanity & the Biosphere)
Support conference attendance for Sustainability Curriculum Project (SCP) coordinating faculty
Promote one-off lectures, symposia, and workshops. Faculty Sustainability Day
Forge working relationships with NYC sustainability-oriented institutions and programs to develop joint programs and activities.
Research adding sustainability/ecological literacy to the BMCC Gen. Ed. Learning Goals & Outcomes
Establish a Sustainability Across the Curriculum program (modeled, in part, on WAC)
Develop a Sustainability Studies major/minor/concentration
Establish a Center for Sustainability Studies
Establish a Department of Sustainability Studies
Include courses addressing sustainability in college bulletin
General Education committee will infuse the principles of sustainability in the newest proposed curriculum
Establish a minor in environmental sciences, open to all students and majors
Encourage collaborative and interactive projects on or near campus:
Build an exhibition Solar PanelA photo-voltaic mobile cart for demonstration purposes
Implement an informational campaign for all student clubs -- Greening the clubs
Secure financial support for sending representatives to workshops, conferences, institutes, etc.
Implement speaker's series
Include representatives from the Sustainability Club on the Sustainability Committee
Create green students club making products from recyclable materials
Form Green partnerships and collaborations with external organizations.
Reach out to Washington Market park, other city and community groups
Reach out to other educational institutions, elementary, middle and high schools
Reach out to Green businesses
Green Career Fair
Bring in training programs, ATE Grant possibilities
Organize Sustainability Fair event annually
Gifts and give-aways given by BMCC administration should be sustainability-related
Host a regular Sustainability Conference at BMCC:
Design multi-day, multi-disciplinary conference plan, secure facility and funding
Call for proposals
Implement Sustainability Conference