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Travel Authorization and Reimbursement

The college encourages faculty and staff to attend professional meetings, scholarly seminars and workshops in their discipline as part of ongoing professional development. Prior permission and an approved authorization to travel by the department chairperson and the Senior Vice President and Provost of Academic Affairs is necessary for attendance at such functions. The approvals should be obtained in advance of purchasing any tickets or making travel arrangements when seeking reimbursement. The amount of reimbursement is limited based on the funding sources and eligibility for each source.

Please note: Faculty who are planning to attend a professional development event without seeking reimbursement are still required to fill out an Approval to Travel No Reimbursement Form.

Please note: 1) You must first request and attain permission to travel by completing a Travel Authorization via CUNYfirst. Authorization for both out-of-town travel and local travel must be completed and submitted, via CUNYfirst, for approval to the individual’s chairperson/designee and thereafter to the Provost/Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at least six (6) weeks prior to the date of departure. Please enter anticipated expenses up to $450.00, and if you have applied for the Provost’s Travel Fund, up to $900.00. 2) Expense Reports must be submitted within 30 days after the date of completion of travel. Failure to comply will be subject to denial of funding. If travel has taken place in the month of June, the Expense Report must be submitted immediately upon return from the trip, so that it can be charged against the correct fiscal year. 3) When you have finished creating a Travel Authorization or Expense Report, you must select “Submit,” and when the page refreshes, select “Ok,” so that the report will be routed to your approvers.

Funding sources of reimbursement may include the following for those eligible, please see details of eligibility and requirements for each funding source below:

Sources of Reimbursement

The Travel and Expenses Process Flowchart outlines the travel authorization and expense reimbursement process in more detail. Traveler FAQs and Approver FAQs have been created to assist with common questions regarding travel. Further, Strategies for Expediting the Travel Authorization and Expense Report Approval Process have been put together to help faculty navigate the travel system and required approvals.

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