Helpful Tips for Clubs: Strategies for Staying Ahead


  • Assess Goals and Needs: Work with your club advisor to explore ways your club can get the
    most out of the semester. A well-organized club can bring a great deal of enriching activities
    to student life and attract many members.
  • Flexibility: Explore ways with your advisor of building flexibility in your budget, especially
    later on in the semester. If an off-campus event is cancelled due to bad weather there
    should be a back-up plan.
  • Disbursement Vouchers: Fill out and submit Disbursement Vouchers 10 business days in
    advance. Be sure to include Personal Service Contracts and supporting documents.

Delegate Duties

  • Club Executives: Each club has a President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary. At least
    one of these executives, preferably the Treasurer, should be in charge of Disbursement
    Vouchers while other club duties are shared reasonably. This avoids high burden on a single
  • Backups: If the designated person for disbursement vouchers is unavailable another
    executive should be ready to pick up the work on the club’s behalf.


  • Minutes: Keep minutes of all club meetings. This should be done by the Secretary. Some
    Disbursement Vouchers will need minutes as an attachment. Minutes allow you to track
    progression, allows for references, review, and reflection in club meetings.
  • Communication: Retain all memos and written communication as a good business practice.
    Sometimes issues are resolved when records and documentation are provided.

MBJ Food Orders

  • Order Ahead Once your refreshment budget is in place, plan club meeting meals a month or
    more in advance. Select from MBJ’s menus what the club likes and fill out the blue Monthly
    Disbursement Voucher for approval. This will make refreshment orders more efficient.

Equipment in Place

  • Uniforms: If your club uses uniforms for activities then ordering these once your budget is
    approved is a priority. Develop a plan for ordering uniforms for late-joining members and
    collecting uniforms for disbanding members, if suitable.
  • Equipment: Sports and game equipment should be ordered when your budget becomes
    available so they are available as soon as possible for club activities.

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