Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I see my budget?
Once approved by the SGA and the BMCC Association Committee, the budgets for all student clubs will be published outside the office of the
BMCC Association in addition to being sent electronically to the executives of student clubs. This usually happens early on in the semester.

2. I am unsure what to do next with my Disbursement Voucher?
See the following Disbursement Process Presentation (pdf) which will illustrate the process.

3. Why is my Disbursement Voucher for an event not approved?
There could be one of several reasons for a club’s Disbursement Voucher to not be approved.
For example a lack of supporting documentation is known to delay approval. Clubs are usually informed by the BMCC Association office of the reasons. Here are some other reasons for delays:

– Was an event application submitted and approved?

– Is your budget available or pending approval?

– Does the disbursement voucher have all the required signatures?

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Office Hours:
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