Ambassador Testimonials

BMCC Ambassador for Safety & Health serve as a resource to ensure that our community maintains safe social distancing, wears masks on campus, and provide information on resources for those with questions and needs. Some of our Ambassadors reflect on their experience in this role.

Cathy Wright
Major: Human Services | Graduated June 2021

“Working as an Ambassador has been a wonderful experience As an Ambassador, I interacted with students, faculty, and staff from various departments. I worked with Public Safety to help implement the health and safety protocol for people coming on campus. As a human service major, I developed skills needed in my field.”

Joseph Fajobi
Major: Business Management |Graduated June 2021

“The program allowed me to gain practical experience and taught me the importance of starting a project early, coordinating with team members, and effective communication. Because the program was virtual it allowed me flexibility. Federal Work-Study students looking for job experience would find the B.A.S.H program an excellent opportunity.”

Samuel Pereyra
Major: Criminal Justice

“Working as an. Ambassador, I have connected with people while upholding discipline, vigilance, and honesty. I became an aid to whoever is in need, no matter the task and have become a part of something bigger than myself; a part of a team that can help stop the spread of this heinous pandemic and try to bring a sliver of hope during these trying times.

Hideko Montgomery
Major: Public Health

“As a freshman, it is a great honor and a remarkable experience to be a BMCC Ambassador for Safety and Health. Being an Ambassador helped me become familiar with the campus, plus I learned a great deal working with by the Public Safety Officers who work hard to keep our campus safe.”

Samya Gonzalez
Major: Liberal Arts

“Working as a BMCC Ambassador for Safety and Health, I had conversations with many students, which has increased my communication skills. I enjoyed exchanging views with my co-workers on coursework, politics, our aspirations, and our goals. This experience helped convince me to change my major from Liberal Arts to Early Childhood Education.”

Dani Rojas
Major: Mathematics and Sciences for Secondary Education

“When the college closed due to the pandemic, and all my classes were online, the BMCC Ambassadors for Safety and Health program was a welcome change. It allowed me to explore the campus, be employed and gain valuable skills. For me participating in the program helped to neutralize some of the effects of the pandemic.”

Alexandra Garcia
Major: Psychology

“Working as an Ambassador, there have been many times someone has asked for help and I was able to assist. One time, a former student was having difficulty entering the building and asked me if I could help them return a book to the library. I realized that these little things make a difference in practical ways as well as by minimizing someone else’s stress.”

Lamis Chapman
Major: Communication Studies

“I am thankful for the experience of working on campus as a BMCC Ambassador for Safety and Health. Being friendly, approachable, and always willing to help anyone in need has resulted in my becoming comfortable talking with and assisting the BMCC community. The opportunity has improved my social skills and allowed me to meet new people.”

Dinorah Garcia Vasquez
Major: Computer Science

“Working as a Ambassador, I was assigned to work in BMCC’s Panther Pantry. I saw many struggling people not having enough money to provide sufficient food for their families due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While saddened by their situations, I am glad that I was able to help, giving them hot meals, organizing, preparing, and distributing food bags.”

Georgiana Rivamonte
Major: Public Health

“It is a remarkable feeling to still be able to come on campus and to work with Public Safety and make a difference by helping others to be safe for themselves, family and friends. W while being an Ambassador I have learned to never give up on a task, and to risk doing things that you have not done before or feel uncomfortable doing but to do them safely.”

Hatoumata Kanuteh
Major: Health Information Technology

“As an Ambassador, I assist in welcoming students back to the campus, giving directions, and helping them navigate them through the areas that are open. I am utilizing my communication and interpersonal skills with this job, and I am dedicated to help the College maintain everyone’s safety. I have also gained new job skills that will help me in the future.”