Rationale for Onsite Program: Theatre

(40 Total Students Onsite – Once/Weekly)

The Theatre Program is will have a total of four (4) of in-person classes for the 2020 Fall Semester (THE125/1401, THE125/1402, THE128, THE328). For the lighting, sound and scenic design practicums (THE 125 & THE 128) each class has a maximum total number of 8 students. Solo Performance (THE 328) is the only acting class on the list with 14 enrolled students. These classes need to be on campus in a limited face-to-face capacity for the following reasons:

  • The technical aspects of the course require direct interaction with equipment and materials, which our found only on campus in our theatre lab spaces.
  • These courses cannot be taught or be fully satisfied or realized solely in the virtual space, the students require supervision by authorized personnel – the instructor and a non-teaching adjunct to assist them.
  • The cost involved in each student acquiring their own equipment to successfully complete the class, or having the department purchase these for each student, would already exceed personal and professional budgets, and would just not be practical.
  • The solo acting class is a 300-level course, which is at the highest level of academic performance that we offer our students. All the other acting classes we offer have transitioned online, but at this level we require a type of technique rigor that needs portions of the instruction and presentation to be face-to-face. It is also being taught through the lens of stand up comedy, which needs a live audience (in this case, provided by the students in the class) to be able to make sense, and for the students to be fully immersed in the craft.
  • These are advanced level courses for our theatre majors that are listed as required, and count towards the completion of their degrees and would jeopardize their academic continuity.
  • Timing: The class would meet on campus 2 – 4 times but no more than half the class would meet at one time. This would mean 4 or fewer students in the space with an instructor and a Non Teaching Adjunct. Each student would only come to campus only once a month. There would be a week between classes to allow for cleaning of the room and to insure viruses on hard-to-clean surfaces would be degraded. The class is 3 hours long and breaks would be staggered so students don’t congregate.
  • Physical Distancing: Each student would have their own workstation table. We will arrange 4 tables in the room to allow for 6′ of distance between students. Materials and tools will be distributed to students to discourage unnecessary traffic around the room.
  • PPE : Masks, safety glasses and gloves are an important part of a normal Practicum class. Masks would be mandatory. Students will be provided with personal safety glasses to wear full time (or face shields.) Students will be provided with medical gloves, access to hand sanitizer, and there is also a sink with soap in the room.
  • Hygiene & Disinfection: Any shared tools or surfaces will be disinfected between use, we have enough cordless drills and impact drivers for students to have their own during class. As stated above, there would be a week between classes to allow for a thorough cleaning of the room with disinfecting wipes.