Eleven Student Researchers Present STEM Findings

August 25, 2015

Eleven BMCC students took their turn at the front of a darkened classroom in Fiterman Hall on August 19, pointing to graphs and other visuals on a large, illuminated screen. The students were summarizing their research findings and year-long projects ranging in focus from metal-tolerant bacteria to suspension bridge dynamics.

The students completed their projects under the close mentorship of a faculty researcher from BMCC or NYC City College of Technology (City Tech), and the projects were supported by the Minority Science and Engineering Improvement Program (MSEIP), through the U.S. Department of Education.

Math Professor Annie Han and Dean of Academic Affairs Erwin Wong are Principal Investigators on the three-year grant, which began in October 2014. Math Professor David Allen has served as Student Research Coordinator, recruiting both students and faculty for the project and overseeing the student research component. 

“Our current cohort of students across the STEM fields is quite talented,” says Allen. “Many have been invited to prestigious conferences across the country, including MathFest in Washington, DC, and are transferring to four-year schools. For example, one of our MSEIP students, Gentiana Rina, who worked with Math Professor Chris McCarthy, has been accepted into one of the top civil engineering programs in the country, at Georgia Tech.”

McCarthy adds, “She built the bridge at home; she’s very motivated,” referring to Rina’s physical model of a suspension bridge, and her research linking the curve of cables strung across its length, to tension levels.

The student presenters and their faculty mentors enjoyed a catered lunch together, and continued conversations started as they fielded questions from the group when they were on stage. Dean Wong as well as Provost Karrin Wilks joined the group and congratulated them on their work.


The student/faculty mentor teams included:


Mathematics major Ashlina Wang

Mathematics Professor Ariane Masuda (City Tech)

Newton’s Method and Fractals


Mathematics major Dominika Palinka

Mathematics Professor Oleg Muzician

Dynamics of Newton’s Method


Engineering Science major Gentiana Rina

Mathematics Professor Chris McCarthy

The Parabolic Cable and Suspension Bridge


Computer Science major Kan Xue

Mathematics Professor Boyan Kostadinov (City Tech)

Simulating the 19th-Century Integraph Device


Engineering Science major Kateryna Zhdanova

Science Professor Abel Navarro

Enhancing the Adsortion of Copper Metal Ions by the Chemical Modifications of Solid Wastes


Science major Lionel Colon

Science Professor Sarah Salm

Isolation and Characterization of Heavy Metal-Tolerant Bacteria from the Newtown Creek


Science major Mike Cruz

Mathematics Professor Boyan Kostadinov (City Tech)

Simulating and Animating Spatial Interactions Between Species Living on a Torus with Given Population and Migration Dynamics


Science major Rahman Farhana

Mathematics Professor Brett Sims

A Mathematical Treatment of Social Aggregate


Science/Bioinfomatics major Tenzig Japhe

Science Professor Abel Navarro

Bio-Elimination of 2-Chlorophenol from Contaminates Solution Using Marine Algae


Engineering Science major Wei Liao

Mathematics Professor Satyanand Singh (City Tech)

The Kalman Filter


Engineering Science major Zhuo Yu Chen

Mathematics Professor Lina Wu

Projectile Motion


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