BMCC Establishes Partnership with Pace University to Bring Transfer Opportunities to Students

BMCC and Pace sign agreement

June 8, 2022

A new partnership between the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) and Pace University is offering transfer opportunities for BMCC students. On June 8, Dr. Anthony E. Munroe, President of Borough of Manhattan Community College and Dr. Marvin Krislov, President of Pace University, participated in a signing ceremony to announce the program, which will be available Fall 2022.

President Munroe says the articulation agreement supports BMCC’s strategic goal to address student retention and eliminate equity gaps for all students in every discipline.

“All students should have the opportunity to fulfill their dream of earning a bachelor’s degree from fine institutions, like Pace University,” said President Munroe. “This partnership is one of many collaborations established to ensure students have access to higher education. We are very proud of this partnership and we hope many of our students take advantage of this program.”

Through this partnership, students who are graduating from BMCC with an Associate of Science/Arts are eligible for the College/Pace University Articulation leading to a Bachelor of Science/Arts in the appropriate programs at the University.

In this program, students who complete their associate degree with a cumulative grade point average of 2.5 (or better) are guaranteed admission to Pace University in 42 of its programs including Art, Biochemistry, Marketing, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship, Criminal Justice and Childhood Education.

Mission of BMCC

Borough of Manhattan Community College is a diverse teaching and learning community committed to advancing equity and the intellectual and personal growth of students. Working to strengthen a culture of care inside and outside the classroom, we share a passion for learning with students from around the world. We strive to increase degree completion, successful transfer, career achievement and service and leadership within our community, New York City, and beyond.

Mission of Pace University

Pace University provides to its undergraduates a powerful combination of knowledge in the professions, real-world experience, and a rigorous liberal arts curriculum, giving them the skills and habits of mind to realize their full potential. We impart to our graduate students a deep knowledge of their discipline and connection to its community. Firmly rooted in the University’s founding identity and mission of Opportunities, this unique approach will enable all Pace graduates to realize their full potential as innovative thinkers and active problem solvers who are uniquely trained to make positive and enduring contributions to our future world.

The BMCC/Morehouse College Partnership serves many of BMCC’s Strategic Goals including Strategic Goal 4: Improve Completion and Transfer Rates through Integrated Supported Services.

  • BMCC President Anthony E. Munroe and Pace University President Marvin Krislov participate in signing ceremony
  • BMCC graduates eligible for College/Pace University Articulation
  • Articulation agreement supports BMCC’s strategic goal to address student retention and eliminate equity gaps

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