BMCC Alumna Nolvia Delgado Selected as Leader of Kaplan Educational Foundation

March 3, 2022

Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) alumna Nolvia Delgado (Liberal Arts,’09) has been selected to lead the Kaplan Educational Foundation (KEF).  Delgado, a first-generation college student who was accepted into the BMCC Kaplan Leadership Program 14 years ago, will assume the role of executive director of the nationally recognized foundation later this spring.

Delgado will take over for Nancy Lee Sànchez, who has accepted a role at Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society as Chief Opportunity Officer.  Sànchez is an alumna of Kingsborough Community College (CUNY).

After earning her Associate degree at BMCC in 2009, Delgado transferred to Smith College where she earned a Bachelor’s degree in Government.

“The Kaplan Educational Foundation changed my life,” said Delgado.  “It is thanks to the Foundation that—as a first-generation native Spanish speaker—I’ve been able to be a voice for students and families across New York City, an advocate for refugees in London, and a bridge between the public, social and private sectors.”

Delgado said when she reflects on her time at BMCC, she thinks of the college’s slogan “Start here. Go anywhere!”  She said professors at the college pushed her to step outside her comfort zone and find her own voice as a writer.

“When I first enrolled at BMCC, I didn’t understand the impact it would have on my life, but 13 years after graduating, I now know that you truly can go anywhere after BMCC,” said Delgado. “I also attribute part of my success to all of the support services BMCC offers. In my case, the scholarship office in particular played a key role. I first found out about the Kaplan Educational Foundation from an email I received from the BMCC scholarship office.”

Delgado says she also has memories of Sussie Gyamfi, coordinator of BMCC’s Scholarships and Awards program, encouraging her to apply for the Kaplan Leadership Program.   She said Gyamfi and other support services staff at BMCC also supported her successfully applying and being accepted to the Vassar College Exploring Transfer program.

“At Vassar, I met a representative from Smith College, which is where I eventually transferred,” said Delgado. “My advice for today’s BMCC students is to take advantage of every opportunity presented to you. Spend time getting to know the folks at BMCC who work around the clock to ensure you succeed. They will open doors for you.”

  • Nolvia Delgado, a first-generation native Spanish speaking student, was a Kaplan scholar at BMCC 14 years ago
  • BMCC professors and staff challenged Delgado to step outside her comfort zone and writing voice
  • Delgado advises students to take advantage of opportunities at BMCC

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