Exploring Transfer Summer Program at Vassar College

Each summer, the Borough of Manhattan Community Exploring Transfer program at Vassar College introduces high-achieving students to the proactive world awaiting them at four-year institutions.

Throughout the academically rigorous five-week intensive liberal arts session, students live in one of Vassar’s residence halls overseen by program counselors who help support and guide them through their studies and foster close working relationships between students and faculty.

Exploring Transfer
Founded in 1985, Exploring Transfer inspires community college student to continue their education at a four-year college or university by giving them a taste of residential college life at one of the most prestigious colleges in the country. Students live in dorms,attend two specifically designed courses, and form lasting friendships with their classmates and faculty members.Students in the program have gone on to flourish at highly selective private colleges and universities such as Yale, Amherst, Stanford, Smith and Vassar, as well as branches of the State University of New York and the City University of New York. Exploring Transfer students receive tuition, room, board and books.

About Vassar College
Founded in 1861 in the upstate town of Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Vassar College is one of the most highly selective residential, coeducational liberal arts colleges in the country. Vassar is renowned for pioneering achievement in education, for its long history of curricular innovation, and for the beauty of its campus.

The 1,000 acre campus in maintained as an arboretum and is distinguished by beautiful architecture, an outdoor amphitheater, an art center, an observatory, recital hall, three theaters, a 500-acre ecological preserve, two lakes and many streams.

How to Apply
The five-week Vassar Program beings in mid-June and ends the last week in July. Students who wish to be considered fro the program should work closely with a BMCC committee member who will sponsor them and who will help them to prepare their application materials. The application period is September through mid-February.

To qualify for nomination, students should have:

  • Completed at least 15-25 credits excluding remedial credits.
  • Enrolled and attended BMCC in the spring semester preceding the summer program.
  • Completed English Composition I with a grade of B+ or better.
  • Strong English language writing skills
  • Strong GPA (3.20 or above).
  • Be a first-generation college student.

BMCC Committee Members
For information, contact one of the following:

Beryl Duncan-Wilson
(212) 220-8155

Jose Haro
(212) 220-8602

Dexter Jeffries
(212) 220-8283

Yolanda Martin
(212) 220-8000 ext.: 5274

Jill T. Richardson
(212) 220-1225

William M. Roane
(212) 220-1225

Elizabeth Wissinger
(212) 220-8000 ext.: 7459

Student Counselors
Student counselors are an essential component of the Exploring Transfer Program. Their role as academic tutors, counselors and allies to the faculty and staff is vital to the program’s success.

The counselors contribute to this success in two ways: by enriching the quality of the students’ lives outside the classroom through a variety of facilitating and advisory tasks, and by acting as a reliable liaison linking students with the faculty and staff.

Both tasks are important and interdependent. The first involves the exercise of responsibilities devoted primarily to facilitating the students’ successful passage through the program,
while the second requires active and regular communication and feedback between faculty and staff, as well as the students in the program. From their vantage points (in the classroom, dormitory and dining hall), the counselors have a unique perspective on the program, and therefore occupy the best position from which to monitor and assess the quality of the students’ experience.

Office of Academic Affairs

199 Chambers St, Room S-715
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 220-8320
Email: academicaffairs@bmcc.cuny.edu


Office Hours:
9 a.m.-5 p.m