Curriculum Committee Procedures Manual

The procedure manual has been posted to provide department heads as well as faculty with guidelines for proposing new curriculum/courses or revisions to curriculum/courses. The forms are being provided as a word document to facilitate the completion/editing of required forms. In addition, a template for syllabi is being provided to ensure that faculty use the approved college format and provide information for the student learning outcomes section.

Proposal Submission Process

In order to submit a proposal to the Committee, first prepare the appropriate proposal form with the required signatures and additional required materials.

Use the Proposal Checklist (link below with Proposal Forms) to ensure that you have all the information needed and have submitted it in the correct location and time.

This is a quick summary of the steps needed to put a proposal through the approval process:

  1. Create or revise the curriculum.
  2. Bring the proposal to the relevant department for a vote (vote must be recorded in department minutes).
  3. Have the proposal form signed by a) Department Chair, b) Registrar’s Office, c) Office of Academic Affairs.
  4. Submit the proposal to the Curriculum Committee using the online Proposal Submission Form. This must be done no later than 7 days before a Curriculum Committee Meeting.

If you see the message “You don’t have permission to view or respond to this form”, then you are signed in through BMCC rather than CUNYfirst.

Option one:
Use a browser in which you are not logged into your BMCC email to submit materials for Curriculum Committee review. Remember to use your CUNYfirst login credentials ( and password)

Option two:
Go to
Click your initials in the top right corner
Click “Sign in with a different account”
Sign in with your CUNYfirst credentials

  1. Present the proposal at the Curriculum Committee meeting.
  2. If the proposal is approved by the Committee, then attend the subsequent Academic Senate meeting where the proposal will be put before the Senate for approval.

Online Proposal Submission Form

The Curriculum Committee is no longer accepting proposals by email. Please use the online form (link below) to submit proposals. Use the Checklist to ensure you have all of the requisite documents before submitting.NOTE: The form will ask for you to sign in. This prevents spam submissions. Use the same sign-in information as used to sign in to CUNYfirst. On the first screen use your CUNYfirst username and then, on the second screen, enter both your CUNYfirst username and password.

Syllabus template for individuals using accessibility technologies

This new template is meant to be useful for individuals who use accessibility technologies as well as focus on what is most important for course approval: BMCC Syllabus Template For Curriculum Committee Review. You may remove any instructions/guidelines/suggestions that are highlighted in yellow.

Manuals and Templates