College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

CLEP Tests: Current Status

BMCC’s Continuing Education Testing facility is now open to administer College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) examinations. See below on How to Register for a CLEP Exam.

  • Continuing Education students who have CUNYfirst accounts will be required to submit their documentation via CUNYfirst.

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) was created by the College Board to allow students to demonstrate college-level achievement through a series of exams in undergraduate college courses.  It is the most widely accepted credit-by-examination program in the United States today.  You can earn from three (3) to nine (9) college credits toward a college degree for each CLEP exam taken, depending on the exam subject and the policy of your college or university.

The Adult Continuing Education (ACE) department at Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is an open test center, all test takers are welcomed.  ACE administers all of the subjects that CLEP offers.  All of the Internet-based exams are administered in our testing laboratory.

Before Taking a CLEP Exam

Before taking a CLEP exam, the test taker will need to check directly with the college or university that they plan to attend and review the specifics of their policy regarding CLEP exam to ensure that CLEP credits will be accepted.

How to Register for a CLEP Exam

CLEP registration process has changed. Test takers now need to purchase exams online here before coming to test.  After receiving confirmation of the purchase of a CLEP exam, a paid reservation with the ACE testing center will need to be made in order to take the CLEP exam.

Reserving a Seat and Scheduling an Appointment to Test

To guarantee a seat, test takers must reserve a space no later than 3 days prior to the exam date. To reserve your seat through our secure online web site you will need to;

  • Click on I’m Ready to take my CLEP Exam
  • Choose the date and time by clicking on the Add to Cart button
  • Click on the Check Out button
  • Create a new account – (If account has already been created, use existing account information)
  • Read and check the box for the Refund Policy
  • Read and check the box for the COVID-19 vaccination policy
  • Follow the instructions on how to complete payment
  • Make payment of the registration fee
  • Follow instructions for completing the proof of vaccination.
  • Each CLEP exam requires a separate registration
    • To make multiple reservations with one payment repeat first three (3) steps

Upon successful registration, you will receive an e-mail confirmation. Print your confirmation receipt and bring it with you on your test date.

Our location is:

Adult Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Borough of Manhattan Community College
25 Broadway 8th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Special Accommodations

If you have a disability that would prevent you from taking a CLEP exam under standard conditions, you may request special accommodations and arrangements to take it on a regularly scheduled test date one week in advance. Any test taker in need of special accommodations, (e.g., extended time, enlarged fonts), must submit official written documentation dated within the last 3 years.

CLEP exams are administered on a computer. If you require a CLEP exam to be administered using paper-and-pencil, please e-mail CLEP directly.

Preparing for a CLEP Exam

For the latest study guides and information, visit the College Board’s official CLEP Preparation Site or take FREE Online Courses.  Modern States Education Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated to making college affordable and attainable, offers free online courses in all CLEP subjects. Taught by college professors, the self-paced courses align to CLEP exams and feature lectures, quizzes, and free textbooks.
Students should:

  1. Sign up for a CLEP course at
  2. Complete coursework and practice questions.
  3. Register for a CLEP exam at
  4. Contact a test center to schedule an exam.

What to Bring to the Test Center on the Day of the Test

  • Arrive 30 minutes early.
  • You will need to present photographic identification  to the Security Guard located on the 8th floor.
  • You will need one (1) non-expired form of photographic identification to enter the testing room.
  • Examples: a government-issued photo ID card that bears your signature (e.g., passport, state-issued driver license, state-issued ID card).
  • A print out of the CLEP confirmation of purchased examination or electronic proof, (you may present the email confirmation from CollegeBoard).
  • A print out of the ACE/BMCC confirmation of reservation or electronic proof (you may present the email confirmation of your test appointment).
  • CLEP exams are timed and cannot be paused, therefore there are no breaks scheduled.
  • No personal items will be allowed in the testing laboratory.  All such items will be stored in a locked locker.
  • Do not bring books, papers, cell phones, other electronic devices, or smartwatches or watches that beep or have an alarm.
  • Do not bring a calculator. If a calculator is required, it is built into the test and will be available to you on the computer.
  • Do not bring food or drinks into the testing lab.

Where to Report for CLEP Exams

Adult Continuing Education and Workforce Development
Borough of Manhattan Community College
25 Broadway 8th Floor
New York, NY 10004

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay two fees to take a CLEP exam?

CLEP test takers pay a fee to the College Board for the exam. In addition, there is a non-refundable administrative fee that is paid to ACE/BMCC when you register for a test date.

How long does it take to get results from a CLEP test?

CLEP scores are shown immediately (with the exception of English Composition with Essay) with the official scores mailed from CLEP in approximately two (2) weeks.

How are CLEP scores sent to colleges and universities?

When you register for a CLEP exam with the College Board, you can indicate the college, employer or certifying agency that you want to receive your CLEP test scores. There’s no cost for the first transcript request; your College Board exam fee covers it.

“Ready to Register for your CLEP Exam?”

If you have:

  • checked that your college will accept the CLEP credits that you would like to test for
  • purchased your exam through
  • if you are prepared and ready to take your exam
  • to see our current listing of dates and times available for CLEP exams click here

“BMCC Students Only”

To see a listing of CLEP exams that BMCC accepts click here.