Program Rules

Students at a table with teacher

During the academic year, all students are automatically placed on a 60-day probationary period upon entry into the Upward Bound Project. In the summer, the probation is 10 days. After the probationary period, students become official Upward Bound participants and are entitled to the full benefits of the Upward Bound Project.

Participants are expected to attend all workshops and events. In the event that someone cannot attend, he or she must notify the Upward Bound staff in advance, via email. Three or more absences can result in probation and/or expulsion from the program. Participants must check-in with the office before and after class, even in the event of a late arrival.

Participants are expected to arrive on time to all Upward Bound workshops and events. In the event that someone will be late, he or she must notify the Upward Bound staff. If a participant is more than 15 minutes late, he or she will be marked absent.

Dress Code:
Participants are expected to dress appropriately for all workshops and events. Participants should not wear anything showing their underwear, expensive jewelry, halter-tops, exercise bras, mesh, or shorts considerably above the knee. Cell phones, iPods, tablets and other electronic devices are not allowed during instruction.

Participants are required to carry their BMCC identification card at all times while on campus. ID cards are the property of BMCC and must be surrendered upon withdrawal or termination from the program.

Learning Enrichment:
Individual and group learning enrichment are available in various subjects at Borough of Manhattan Community College. Learning enrichment will be mandatory for any student whose grade falls below an 80 or B average, and is optional for everyone else.

Community Service:
Upward Bound recognizes the importance of community service, therefore, participants will engage in community service projects as determined by the Upward Bound Student Community Service Board.

Upward Bound

70 Murray Street, Room 1206B
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 346-8458

Office Hours:
10 a.m.-6 p.m