History and Goals

The overriding goal of Project Impact is to support the academic success of our justice impacted students through graduation, by providing them with the tools, credentials, skills and pathways necessary to liberate them from their past involvement in the justice system.

Project Impact began at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) in January 2019. The Project has grown from an idea which was generated by a series of Reentry Group meetings which took place at BMCC over the past two years.

What is Justice Impacted?

Project Impact’s definition of a “justice impacted” student is a broad one and means any student who is at risk of being incarcerated or has been formally incarcerated, has had a sibling, parent or extended family member involved in the justice system or has in some other way been affected by law enforcement to the point where such an involvement has altered their life.

Issues Faced by Justice Impacted Students

Of the over 26,000 students who attend BMCC, it is estimated that over 1,500 students have been impacted by the justice system. These students often face financial issues, housing and food insecurity and have difficulty finding employment. They require emotional support after having been impacted by the justice system.