Summer 2019 REU Participants

student and professor in labAhmad Anous

Project: Effect of a black tea extract on the stress response induced by oxidative stress

Mentor: Alexander Gosslau


student and professor in labEhab Elrawi

Project: Microbiota and their effects on degradation of black tea extract

Mentor: Peter Nguyen


student and professor in labJesus Hernandez

Project: Usage of fruit and pepper peel in the Adsorption of copper from drinking water

Mentor: Abel Navarro


student looking in microscopeHumberto Molina

Project: Effects of natural extracts on the viability of sea urchin eggs

Mentor: Lalitha Jayant


student in labRosemary Perdomo

Project: Potential antioxidant capacity of Xylopia aethiopica extracts

Mentor: Adolfina Koroch


student and professor in labTammy Velasquez

Project: Study of the effect in the animal heat management and the short-term associative memory in Caenorhabditis elegans

Mentor: Jun Liang


student and professor in labNigel Viegas

Project: Examining the regulatory effect of black tea extract on the inflammatory response in intestinal cells

Mentor: Brian Rafferty


student in labFadel Yerima

Project: Antibacterial effect of Xylopia aethiopica on gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria

Mentor: Christine Priano