Testing and Placement for Classes

Placement Testing

CUNY no longer offers mathematics placement tests.

STEM majors include Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics as well as some areas of Business and Elementary Education.

NON-STEM majors include English, art, languages and some social sciences, for example.

Co-requisite Courses

Your advisor will help you decide which remedial courses to take, based on your placement as assigned by CUNY Central Admissions Department.

Students with a Math CUNY Proficiency Index (CPI) less than 60:

  • can take a 100 level co-requisite (.5) course.
  • Eligible courses include MAT 104.5, MAT 110.5, MAT 150.5, MAT 156.5 or MAT 161.5.

Descriptions of courses will provide more information about math courses, including the pre-requesites.

Exemption from Co-requisite Courses

To be exempt from taking 100 level co-requisite courses, a student must demonstrate proficiency in pre-algebra (arithmetic) and elementary algebra based on a CUNY Math Proficiency Index (CPI) of 60 or more as determined by CUNY Central Admissions Department.

Requirements for 200 and 300 Level Courses

  • In order to take 200-level courses, a student must pass or place out of MAT 056, Intermediate Algebra and Trigonometry or MAT 156.5 Elementary Algebra with College Algebra or MAT 156 College Algebra.
  • Students with a Math CPI or 60 or higher:
    • can take a 100 level course OR a 200 level co-requisite (.5) course.
    • Eligible courses include MAT 100, MAT 104, MAT 110, MAT 150, MAT 156, MAT 160, MAT 161, MAT 206.5 , MAT 214.5
  • Students cannot take a MAT 200 level course (or 300 level course) solely based on their Math CPI score. Students need transfer credit from another college or an appropriate score on the  College Board Advanced Placement Mathematics  Test (CLEP Exam) in order to take a MAT 200 or MAT 300 level course. For this case students should contact the Chairperson or a Deputy Chairperson in the Mathematics  Department, Room N-599.
  • Students who successfully complete the MAT IM56 Immersion workshop (or pass MAT 156.5 or MAT 156):
    • can take a MAT 200 level course such as MAT 200, MAT 206, or MAT 214.
  • Students who have passed an intermediate algebra course or college algebra course at another college may be able to be placed in MAT 200 or 206 directly; such students should see the Mathematics  Department chairperson or a math department deputy chairperson for placement .In order to take MAT 209, Statistics, or any 300-level mathematics course, students must pass or place out of MAT 206, Pre-Calculus.
  • Students who have previously taken a pre-calculus course at another college (course description required) can go to the Mathematics  Department  in Room N-599.  Students who have passed a college pre-calculus course should receive transfer credit for MAT 206.
  • Students who have taken one of the AP Calculus exams and received either a  4, or 5 can be placed in a higher level mathematics course than MAT 301.

Mathematics Department

199 Chambers Street, Room N-599
New York, NY 10007
Phone: (212) 220-1335

Office Hours:
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