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The Computer Information Systems (CIS) Department offers a 30-credit online certificate in Cybersecurity that will enable students to enter careers in Cybersecurity while earning CIS stackable credits. At the conclusion of the program, you will be well positioned to apply for entry level jobs, take various industry certification exams as well as enroll in one of the AAS degree programs offered through the CIS Department. Utilizing the stackable credits, students will be able to complete their degrees in an accelerated fashion.

Individuals who earn the certificate will have the flexibility of entering the workforce directly or continuing their studies to earn advanced credentials including a college degree. In creating the certificate program, the program offers current college cybersecurity courses for delivery online. Through the offering of these courses online, the certificate program accommodates individual schedules and travel limitations, enabling more students to participate. To help participants gain knowledge about the industry, the certificate program will include enrichment activities, such as summer bridge courses, industry certification workshops and panel discussions with career professionals.

Curriculum Requirements

Cybersecurity Certificate Program Maps

Information Assurance
Cloud Computing
Network Security
30 CRS
Total Requirements Credits

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