Science for Health Professions

The Department of Science offers an A.S. degree in Science for Health Professions to prepare students to transfer to bachelor degree programs leading to careers in practitioner professions, i.e. dieticians, nutritionists, and exercise practitioners, or upper division/accelerated bachelor degree nursing programs.

Required Common Core

English Composition 6
Mathematical and Quantitative Reasoning1 3
Life and Physical Sciences2 3
Total Required Common Core 12


Flexible Core3

Creative Expression 3
World Culture & Global Issues 3
U.S. Experience in its Diversity 3
Individual and Society 3
Scientific World4 6
Total Flexible Core 18
Total Common Core 30


Curriculum Requirements

CHE 122 Fundamentals of General, Organic, and Biological Chemistry II 4
PHY 110 General Physics 4
  Choose 7 credits from the following:  
BIO 420 Microbiology 4
CHE 125 Fundamentals of Biochemistry 4
SCI 150 Nutrition 3
HED 235 Nutrition for Health5 3
SCI 151 The Science of Food 3
SCI 510 Pathophysiology 3
SCI 530 Pharmacology 3
XXX xxx General Electives5 15
Total Curriculum Credits 30
Total Program Credits 60


1 Some of these credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core. Students are advised to take the MAT 150 course.
2 Students are required to take CHE 121.
3 No more than two courses in any discipline or interdisciplinary field can be used to satisfy Flexible Core requirements.
4 Students are required to take BIO 425 and BIO 426.
5 These credits can be satisfied by taking STEM variants in the Common Core.

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