President’s Advisory Committee on Technology — Proposals for 2005-2006

The President’s Advisory Committee on Technology met during the Spring 2005 semester to recommend to the President a set of technology-related projects. These projects were intended to make the best use of the funds generated by the student technology fee to meet instructional and other student-related needs for the upcoming academic year.

1. Self-service technology information for students –Provide online and digital information about technology resources, including Web site, tutorials, manuals, and access guides.

2. Student Technology Orientation (including flash drives) — Provide orientation and information for incoming students, with distribution of flash drives to be used for information and student assignments/projects.

3. Wiring college performance and public spaces for HDTV — Wire facilities to be compatible with High Definition TV standards for student vocational opportunities and broadcast of student performances/productions

4. E-portfolios — Begin initial phase of program to permit students to create and maintain electronic portfolios–server, software licensing, and programming support

5. Online voting and survey system — Implement a system for student government elections, surveys, and other anonymous data collection tools for web-based student activities.

6. Expand printing capability on student workstations –Increase availability of printing resources for computer workstations with open student access

7. Technology for students with disabilities in the classroom — Provide technological tools to assist students with hearing impairments and other disabilities.

8. Instructional Server Upgrades/Replacement –Upgrade/replace instructional servers in library/media center.

9. Wireless internet for classrooms and common areas — Provide wireless network access in all areas of the college used by students.

10. Upgrade/Increase Availability of Student Labs –Upgrade equipment/increase hours of availability in instructional and open access computer labs.

11. Enhanced multimedia for distance learning and web-enhanced courses — Renew software licenses for instructional multimedia presentations.

12. Modernize the Learning Resource Center data infrastructure — Complete Learning Resource Center data wiring project.

13. Enhance the college’s ability to stream live video — Implement facilities to stream live digital video of college events and functions to students on- and off-campus.

14. Web-based student information services (Panther) –Enhance online student information services, including admissions, registrar, and financial aid data and services.

15. Laptop loaner program in library for students — Provide and maintain loaner laptops for student use in the library.

16. Calculator loaner program — Provide and maintain loaner calculators for student use in the library.

17. Fund to support student research projects — Provide funds to students to support the use of technology in independent research projects.

18. Increase library e-subscriptions — Renew current subscriptions and add electronic books, journals, and databases for student use.

19. Library renovation –Continue the multi-year construction project of library renovation.

20. Expand Media Center loaner program –Maintain and expand digital equipment available for loan to students through the Media Center.

21. Upgrade student email system –Improve student email services and spam-blocking system for student email accounts.

22. Continue to fund technological support staff — Provide technological staff for student assistance, faculty training, system maintenance and support, and instructional design.

23. Continue to fund faculty/staff development initiatives –Train and develop faculty and staff through the office of Teaching and Learning with Technology.

24. Reserve funds for University-wide Enterprise Initiatives –Set aside mandated funding for CUNY Enterprise Initiatives (10% of other budget items total).