Mission Statement

BMCC Writing Center Mission Statement

The BMCC Writing Center collaborates with students to make their academic, professional, and creative writing more clear, concise, deliberate, and reflective. The BMCC Writing Center believes that writing is a process that includes several phases, such as open-ended and methodical questioning, active and unexpected brainstorming, radical revision, and meticulous editing. Moreover, this process is recursive in nature and should be considered as generating skills that will transfer beyond the “end product.”

The Center works with students during phases of the writing process: from developing ideas to finalizing details in drafts for submission. The Center also assists students with writing for college transfer applications, scholarships, cover letters and resumes. Upon availability, the Writing Center collaborates with individual faculty, departments, and other academic services to support student learning and to advance knowledge regarding writing pedagogy, best practices, classroom policies and procedures.

Goals and Outcomes

Goal: Provide focused, individual, and context-specific feedback to students


  • The BMCC Writing Center will develop students’ ability to synthesize and integrate information and ideas throughout the writing process.
  • The BMCC Writing Center will develop students’ ability to think holistically: to see the whole as well as the parts.
  • The BMCC Writing Center will broaden writers’ understanding of relevant tools and technologies relied upon for composition.

Goal: Students will develop confidence and successful processes for performing writing tasks.


  • Students will practice writing as a process of recursive phases.
  • Students will reflect on learning needs particular to their writing and will verbalize them.
  • Students will demonstrate increased confidence in their writing.

Goal: Collaborate with individual faculty, departments, and academic support services on campus


  • The BMCC Writing Center will develop workshops for student writers on campus.

BMCC Writing Center

Front Desk (General Information)
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Phone: (212) 220-1384


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