An ePermit allows BMCC students to take a class at another CUNY institution.  If you are interested in doing this, you can file an “ePermit” application through CUNYFirst.

To be eligible to take a course on ePermit at another CUNY college:

  • Students must be in a degree-seeking program at BMCC. Undeclared and Non-Degree students are not eligible for ePermit.
  • Students cannot have any holds on their records that would prevent enrollment (Financial Aid, Bursar, Advisement, etc.).
  • All immunization requirements must be met.
  • Students must have completed all necessary prerequisites for the BMCC equivalent course.
  • All credits and grades of courses taken at the host institution on ePermit will be transferred to the student’s record and included in their cumulative grade point average.

Please be aware that an approved ePermit does not guarantee you a seat at the other institution, it only guarantees that BMCC will accept the transfer credit of the course you take.

Tuition for classes taken at other CUNY college via ePermit will appear on your BMCC bill.

If you epermit a course that doesn’t apply to your degree requirements for your major at BMCC, it may have negative effects on your financial aid.

How to apply for an ePermit (PDF)

How to Check Epermit Status or Cancel Epermit (PDF)

Frequently asked Questions

Can I take a course that is not part of my graduation requirements at BMCC?
Yes, HOWEVER, taking a course on epermit that doesn’t apply to your degree requirements at BMCC, it may have negative effects on your financial aid.

How many courses can I take on ePermit?
The only limit to how many classes a student may take on ePermit is the credit limit for the semester.  Students can take a combination of ePermit and BMCC courses up to the following credit limits per semester:

  • Spring and Fall = 18 credits
  • Summer = 8 credits per session
  • Winter = 4 credits