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Effective Spring 2023, BMCC offers these types of instruction:

Mode Brief Description
InPerson (P) All class meetings take place on campus or a designated location during scheduled times that are listed in the Schedule of Classes.
Online Asynchronous (OA) All required contact hours are held online, they do not require students to log in to their virtual classroom as a specified time. Students should refer to the class syllabus for assignment deadlines.
Online Synchronous (OS) All required instruction hours are online in real-time and resemble in-person courses except done virtually
Online Mix (OM) All required instruction hours are online with a combination of Online Synchronous and Online Asynchronous
Hybrid Asynchronous (HA) Combination of in-person and online instruction that is offered asynchronously
Hybrid Synchronous (HS) Combination of in-person and online instruction that is offered synchronously
HyField (HF) Combination of in-person instruction hours that occur off-campus (e.g. museum visits, team-based projects) during scheduled times and online instruction that is either asynchronous or synchronous.
Hyflex (HX) Provides students with multiple learning paths that can be chosen class session by class session. These classes are in-person, but offer the option of synchronous online and/or asynchronous online as designated in the Schedule of Classes.

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Disclaimer: The information provided is for scheduling purposes only. It does not assess whether you are eligible or have permission to take these courses. The information in this Schedule of Classes does NOT guarantee a student will be able to register for a course listed as open, due to the dynamic nature of the registration process.