A Needed Step Toward Justice

BMCC Community,

We braced for a verdict and accompanying civil unrest that mirrored the protests that took place last summer; but today is a needed step toward justice.

MunroeThis afternoon, former Minneapolis Police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all charges by a jury in the Hennepin County court. The 12 jurors found him guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in George Floyd’s death in May 2020.

Floyd’s death spawned worldwide protests against police brutality, police racism, and lack of police accountability. In addition, Floyd’s tragic death also brought an increased awareness of racial injustice across our city and our country.

At our college, Floyd’s death prompted a united front of BMCC members standing against racial injustice and the need to amplify our college’s mission of promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. Since then, we have established our Race, Equity and Inclusion Steering Committee which continues to explore programs and ways to engaging and educating our community about racial inequities and injustices.

Today, our emotions run high as we remember the communities deeply traumatized by the killing of George Floyd. We must take our emotions and unite to build a better world that promotes respect for one another and celebrates our racial and ethnic differences.

Today’s verdict may bring some relief that justice has been served with respect to Mr. Floyd’s death, but it cannot produce complete resolution, because so much work remains to be done to heal the wounds of racism in our community and our country. I applaud you, our BMCC community, for continuing to work toward a brighter future for everyone.


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Anthony E. Munroe
President, Borough of Manhattan Community College