BMCC Announces New POISE Cohort

October 19, 2015

Ten Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC/CUNY) students were admitted in October 2015 to the POISE (Pipeline Opportunities for Inter-College STEM Education) program at BMCC.

POISE is a collaborative effort between BMCC and the Academic Achievement Program (AAP) within NYU’s College of Arts and Science (CAS). It creates a pipeline linking BMCC students to bachelor’s degree programs at NYU where they continue their education in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math), as well as in psychology and related majors.

The BMCC students admitted to the new POISE cohort are: Kristen-Kaye Barnaby, Romario Denoon, Paul Foreman, Emilio Gonzalez, Biki Gurung, Ian Holly, Bintou Kone, Christoni Mbiada, Ricardo Nunes and Diandra Williams.

“The POISE program provides a unique opportunity for our students to experience the community and resources at NYU,” says Michael Hutmaker, BMCC Dean for Student Affairs.

“They will become familiar with the NYU environment and connect with like-minded students at NYU through the various programs. We are proud of all of the students that have been selected to be a part of this year’s POISE cohort. They have achieved much while at BMCC; outstanding academic achievement, research with faculty, and various student leadership positions. We are confident that they will leave a meaningful mark and impact those at NYU, as they have done here at BMCC.” 

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  • This year’s POISE scholars were just announced
  • POISE is the Pipeline Opportunities for Inter-College STEM Education program at BMCC
  • POISE is a collaborative effort between BMCC and NYU’s Academic Achievement Program

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