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Professor Chamutal Noimann is a published scholar and researcher in the areas of Young Adult, Victorian, Children’s and Nineteenth-century English literature.
She is also known for her expertise in the areas of Developmental Education, Writing Across the Curriculum; English Education; Games in Education &; Games Studies; and Community Colleges.
Currently, Professor Noimann is the Coordinator of the Children & Youth Studies Associate of Art degree program at BMCC. This program offers an interdisciplinary perspective on children; from birth to adolescence, through a curriculum with courses in Anthropology, Education, English, Ethnic Studies, Health Education, Human Services, Psychology and Sociology. Graduates of the program may automatically transfer to Brooklyn College/CUNY, where they enter the bachelor of arts program in Children and Youth Studies.


Young Adult Literature, Writing Across the Curriculum, Victorian Literature, Popular Culture, Nineteenth-century English literature, Men in Early Childhood, Literacy, Language and Literacy, Genre and Influence in Poetry and Popular Culture, Gender studes, Games in Education & Games Studies, Game Theory, Fatherhood , European Literature and Film, English Education, Community Colleges, Children’s Literature, Children’s & Young Adult Literature, Adolescence


  • Ph.D. Graduate School and University Center, CUNY,  English (Victorian Literature, Children’s literature, and Romanticism),  2007
  • B.A. Hunter College, CUNY,  Double major in English literature and Special Honors Curriculum,  1997

Courses Taught

Research and Projects

Research and Projects. Cosmopolitanism and Victorian Fantasy. I am examining how Carroll, Kipling, Ingelow, Rossetti and others created fantasy literature that answers to the very heart of Victorian cosmopolitanism by redefining the Romantic image of the child from a character that connotes the rural, local, and national to one that transcends and defies these limitations.


Honors, Awards and Affiliations

BMCC Leadership Fellow 2018

BMCC Faculty Research Grant. “Dicky Birds that Never Die: Substitute Fathers in Victorian and Edwardian Children’s Literature.” January 2017

Awarded BMCC Distinguished Teaching Award 2016

PSC-CUNY 44 Research Award for ” Steampunk Kim: The Victorian Cosmopolitan Child in Philip Reeve’s Larklight.” 2013

PSC-CUNY 41 Research Award for “Dicky Birds that Never Die: Substitute Fathers in Victorian and Edwardian Children’s Literature.” 2010

Dissertation of Note by Children’s Literature Annual of the Children’s Literature Association and the Modern Language Association Division on Children’s Literature. Vol. 37, 2009

Hannah Beiter Student Research Grant by the Children’s Literature Association 2007

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