IRB: Institutional Review Board


The IRB Committee functions are now centralized into a CUNY University-wide system called the CUNY Human Research Protection Program (HRPP.)  This office is responsible for the protection of the rights and welfare of human subjects in research projects conducted at CUNY or by CUNY faculty, staff and students and RF CUNY staff.

The program provides oversight, administrative support and educational training to ensure that CUNY research complies with federal and State regulations, University policy and the highest ethical standards.

The CUNY HRPP is comprised of five University Integrated Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) and 19 on-site HRPP offices. The campus on-site HRPP offices are responsible for assisting researchers in the use of the online submission system, IRB Manager. BMCC faculty have been recruited to serve as members in the five University Integrated IRBs. Currently, the BMCC IRB representative is Odaelys Pollard.

As of  November 23th, 2012, all research applications that require IRB Full Board Review are forwarded to the Central CUNY HRPP office and will be reviewed by one of the five University Integrated Institutional Review Boards on an ongoing rotation beginning January 19, 2012.  Board meetings are scheduled to occur weekly for review of submissions from any campus in CUNY.

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