Reservation Requests

Reservation Requests for the Conference Center at Fiterman Hall, 13th and 14th floor rooms:

If you are a BMCC faculty or staff member, after receiving approval from your VP or Dean, you can submit a reservation request by contacting Tanya Hughes at

You will need to provide the following information while making your request:

  • Contact information
  • Meeting Name
  • Number of Attendees
  • Please specify if this is a BMCC, CUNY, or Co-sponsored event with an outside organization.
  • Date(s) and Time(s)
Space Maximum Capacity
Rm. F-1301 18-22
Rm. F-1302 60
Rm. F-1303 18-22
Rm. F-1304 50
Rm. F-1306/1307 90-95
13th Floor Roof Terrace 100
Rm. F-1401 18-22
Rm. F-1402 60
Rm. F-1404 /1405 /1406 80 (20-25 each individually)


Your request will be reviewed and someone will follow up with you to confirm your reservation details.