Student Testimonials

“Studying at CLIP is a wonderful experience. I can’t even imagine how much I have improved my English skills here. It’s the first time I am attending a formal class in this country, and I suddenly fell in love with it. It’s not only like a class, but also like a family. We had joy and we had fun during the semester. Students all study together, like an international village, which leads us to achieve our college dream. The program is amazing. I’d say it’s the best choice I made to come to CLIP before staring my college life.” – Zehao Wang

“The CLIP program has changed me, as a person and student. It has made me more confident with my English skills, which was one of my biggest fears. The CLIP program has made me challenge myself to always give more and try to reach higher and higher. I’ve learned to set high expectations for myself and that has helped me to become better at reading, writing, speaking and even in math. CLIP is a life-changing program that shows us the things we are capable of, and allows us to meet and share expectations with people from all around the world. We don’t just learn but also make beautiful friendships.” – Stephany Ortiz

“I’m so glad I can be here to focus on improving my English skills. Here, I have made a lot of friends who are from different countries; we are improving our English together, reading different novels, newspapers and giving presentations. It helps me to become more confident and fluent when I speak with other people, and also my writing skills improve a lot. I think coming here is the best choice to help you complete college successfully.” – KeYu Mo

“I really love the CLIP Program. I’ve been here for 3 semesters, and I’ve enjoyed it so much. I’ve learned a lot of things, including English, which is much better now. Thanks for CLIP and the wonderful teachers that give their best to their students. I’m pretty sure that this is the best option for those that want to learn academic English and do well in college. I’ll be thankful to CLIP for all my life because it taught me a lot about America and the first language in the world.” –Darlin De La Cruz

CUNY Language Immersion Program (CLIP)

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(212) 776-2422 (phone or text)

Office Hours
9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Thursday (no Fridays)
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