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Dr. Roderick (Shane) Snipes is a mindfulness and entrepreneurship researcher. He is a global adventurer, the son of artists and the first in his family to attend college. He has taught business and technology courses since 1996.

After graduating from North Carolina State University with a B.A. in Intercultural Communication and minors in engineering, political science and international relations, Professor Snipes received a Fulbright Research Grant to study social issues in post-Soviet society. He founded, while on the grant, the Baltic Ecocenter and helped reorganize the Lithuanian AIDS Hotline in conjunction with the World Health Organization. While in Lithuania, he also completed an MBA from Vytautas Magnus University.

After completing his work in the Baltics, Professor Snipes worked in nonprofit organizations for a half dozen years, then transitioned to the early dot-com world of business. His company OneGreener, a sustainability analytics platform, was acquired in 2013. He was the creator of six innovation labs for HP, Microsoft and Best Buy. He holds a Ph.D. in Sustainability Education with a focus on mindfulness and entrepreneurship education from Prescott College. An active member of the NYC startup community, Professor Snipes is currently the deputy chair of the Business Management Department and coordinator of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Degree Program.

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Mindfulness & Business, Community-based Research, New World of Work, New Workstyles, Mindfulness & Startups, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Impact on Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Thinking, Mindset, Sustainability, Social Entrepreneurship


  • B.A. North Carolina State University, Cross-cultural communication 1993
  • M.B.A. Vytatuas Magnus University, Organizational Development 1994
  • Ph.D. Prescott College, Sustainability Education 2019

Courses Taught

Research and Projects


  • Academic Champion and Principal Investigator for Blackstone LaunchPad grant
  • BMCC Apprenticeship Institute (in development) in affiliation with 2023 New York Jobs CEO Council Faculty Fellowship in Practice-Based Teaching and Learning [OpenLab]
  • Development of Center for Inclusive Entrepreneurship (early discussions)
  • End-of-Semester Student Founder Festival/Showcase (55 teams, 20 mentors, and two hours of demos/showcases)
  • 14th Entrepreneurial Summit (converting 2020 to online using; 21 students teams, 30+ mentors,
  • Citizen Entrepreneur Explorer Program based on community-based research (2021-24)


  • Changes in empathy in entrepreneurial classroom when integrating ultra-brief mindfulness
  • Impact of late adolescence on entrepreneurial mindset
  • Intersection of innovation education, entrepreneurial education, and mindfulness education
  • Effects of brief mindfulness interventions in the classroom on the entrepreneurial self-efficacy and empathy


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<br>Snipes, R.S. (2021). Access and Impact of Community First Entrepreneurship Education for the New World of Work: A Case for the Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program. In Rolle, J.-A., Kisato, J., & Kebaya, C. (Eds.), A Handbook on the Future of Work and Entrepreneurship for the Underserved. Independently published, Amazon.

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Snipes, R. S. (2020January). An appreciative inquiry of empathy and ultra-brief mindfulness when practicing entrepreneurial concepts. Paper presented at Leadership and Emotional Intelligence Summit and Awards 2020 – Delhi, India. Retrieved from  

Alexander, R. C., Stewart, M., & Snipes, R. S. (2019). Breaking Boundaries: A Unique Inter-University Program Addressing the 21st Century Skills Gap. In E. Bohemia, G. Gemser, N. Fain, C. de Bont, & R. A. Almendra (Ed.), Proceedings of the Academy for Design Innovation Management: Research Perspectives In the era of Transformations, 2(1), 1587–1592.  

Snipes, R. S. (2019). Classroom Effects of Ultra-brief Mindfulness on Entrepreneurial Self-efficacy and Empathy (Doctoral dissertation). Available from ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Global database. (ISBN 9781392399453) 

Snipes, R.S. (1994). Social Movements in Post-Soviet Societies (unpublished thesis). Fulbright Scholar, Vytautas Magnus UniversityLithuania. 


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Honors, Awards and Affiliations

  • Blackstone Launchpad Grant originator, 2021-24 ($470,000)
    Implement Launchpad by Techstars framework across BMCC campus for all majors.
  • Knowledge Challenge Grant recipient from Kauffman Foundation, 2020-24 ($336,000)
    Expand the Citizen Entrepreneur Explorers Program curriculum across CUNY and US.
  • CUNY PSC Grant, 2018
    Research on impact of age on entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Fulbright Scholar, 1993
    Research on social movements in post-soviet society.

Additional Information

Co-founder of 1 Million Cups NYC (@1MCNYC), the New York City edition of a national entrepreneur ecosystem project supported by the Kauffman Foundation.