Mohammad Ahmeduzzaman

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Office: S-616E

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Phone: 212-220-1274

Holds a Masters degree from Sheffield University , U.K. , and another Masters ( Maxwell School ) and Ph.D. from Syracuse University

Courses taught: ECE 110, ECE 410, EDU 201, and fieldwork courses in ECP (ECE 311 & ECE 411). Research areas include cross-cultural fatherhood, Gender-sensitivity, Parent-child relationship, childcare management, and issues relating to the development and education of boys.


Teacher Education, Fatherhood , Early Childhood Education , Cultural Diversity, Childcare Management, Child Development and Learning


Ph.D. Child Development Syracuse University
M.A. Syracuse University
M.A. Sheffield University

Courses Taught

Research and Projects

Childcare Management
Primary level skill acquisition
Cross-cultural fatherhood


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Book Rerview:
Grass Roots Commitment: Basketball and Society in Trinidad and Tobago. Play and Culture, 3, 350 351.

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