Matthew S. Geddis

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Office: N-699G

Office Hours: Tuesday and Thrusday, 3-5p

Phone: +1 (212) 220-8000;ext=1316

Assistant Professor of Science Matthew Geddiss holds degrees in biomedical science, marine biology and medical sciences. He has taught anatomy, chemistry and other subjects at Hunter College, CUNY; Georgia State University and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington.


Developmental Neurobiology


  • B.S. Western Michigan University, Biomedical Sciences,1992
  • M.S.University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Marine Biology,1996
  • Ph.D. Georgia State University, Biological Sciences,2003

Courses Taught

BIO 210 (Biology I)
BIO 220 (Biology II)
BIO 260 (Cell Biology)

Research and Projects

  • Regeneration in Planaria and Zebrafish

    We are examing regeneration in Planaria and Zebrafish in the Biotechnology and Forensics Laboratory at BMCC. The primary focus here is to use Planaria and Zebrafish as animal models to examine a number of signaling properties (growth, environmental, toxicity) essential for successful regeneration with collaborative studies with members of BMCC faculty.


  • J.K. Juranek, M.S. Geddis, F. Song, J. Zhang, J. Garcia, R. Rosario, S.F. Yan, T.H. Brannagan, A.M. Schmidt (2013). RAGE deficiency improves post-injury sciatic nerve regeneration in type 1 diabetic mice. Diabetes 62(3):931-43.,
  • J.K. Juranek, M.S. Geddis, R.Rosario, A.M.Schmidt (2013). Impaired Slow Axonal Transport in Diabetic Peripheral Nerve is Independent of RAGE. European Journal of Neuroscience. 8:3159-68. ,

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