Mariya Komolova

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Associate Professor


Office: N-651R

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Phone: +1 (212) 220-8000;ext=5272

Masha Komolova received her B.Sc. in Psychology at Hunter College, and her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at the University of Utah.

At BMCC, Prof. Komolova is one of the faculty advisors for the Psychology Club, and an instructor in the BLA learning communities.


Narratology, Cognitive Development, Child Development and Learning, Adolescence


Courses Taught

PSY 250 (Child Psychology)
PSY 200 (Social Psychology)
PSY 280 (Cultural Psychology)

Research and Projects

  • Prof. Komolova’s research interests focus on how autonomy and identity development vary across interpersonal and cultural contexts. She is also interested in how narrating about interpersonal experiences reflect and further facilitate youth?s socio-cognitive development.She is currently collaborating with Prof. Foust on the project that examines how young adults make sense of their sexual experiences, and how these experiences relate to their autonomy development.


  • How violent youth offenders and typically developing adolescents construct moral agency in narratives about doing harm.2009, Narrative development in adolescence
  • “Things like that happen when you come to a new country”: Bosnian refugee experiences with discrimination2018, Qualitative Psychology
  • “I want her to make correct decisions on her own”: Former Soviet Union mothers’ beliefs about autonomy development2018, Frontiers in Psychology: Cultural Psychology
  • Children’s and adolescents’ conceptions of personhood: A narrative approach2016, International Journal of Behavioral Development
  • Children’s narrative accounts and judgments of their own peer-exclusion experiences2014, Merrill-Palmer Quarterly
  • “What I want and what you want”: Children’s thinking about competing personal preferences2011, Social Development
  • “She had a reason to be concerned”: Youth making sense of their mothers’ and friends’ perspectives in their accounts of conflicts2017, Cognitive Development

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