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BMCC Professor Marcos Zyman holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from The Graduate Center of the City University of New York (CUNY). He has been a faculty member at BMCC since Fall 2007.

Before joining the Mathematics Department at BMCC, Professor Zyman taught at The City College of New York and Bronx Community College. He is interested in Group Theory in general. In particular, he studies nilpotent, solvable and exponential groups, as well as endomorphism rings of abelian p-groups. More recently he has been working with lattices of finite groups, including the Chermak-Delgado lattice of finite Heisenberg groups. He is also involved in a project that deals with linear representations of polycyclic-by-finite matrix groups.

With his colleagues, Professors David Allen and Margaret H. Dean, Professor Zyman co-founded the BMCC Math Colloquium, a research seminar series that featured BMCC and CUNY math faculty, as well as invited speakers from other universities.

Professor Zyman, along with CUNY professors Anthony Clement and Stephen Majewicz, co-authored a major monograph entitled The Theory of Nilpotent Groups, published by Springer in 2017. Over the last few years, this monograph has become an established reference for researchers and students within the mathematical community.


Group Theory


  • B.S. National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mathematics, 1999
  • M.S. New York University, Mathematics, 2001
  • Ph.D. The City University of New York, Mathematics, 2007

Courses Taught

MAT 315 (Linear Algebra)
MAT 320 (Abstract Algebra)

Research and Projects

  • Linear representations of polycyclic-by-finite groups
  • Endomorphism rings of abelian p-groups
  • Separability in exponential groups
  • The Chermak-Delgado lattice of finite Heisenberg groups


Papers and books

Errata for The Theory of Nilpotent Groups

Honors, Awards and Affiliations

  • PSC-CUNY Grant (2008)
    Finitely Generated Solvable Groups
  • PSC-CUNY Grant (2009)
    Localization of nilpotent R-powered groups
  • BMCC Faculty Development Research Award (2009)
    IA-Automorphisms of finitely generated solvable groups (with Prof. M. H. Dean)
  • Visiting Researcher at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mathematics Institute (June of 2009)
  • PSC-CUNY Grant (2010)
    Towers of IA-automorphisms
  • PSC-CUNY Grant (2011)
    Homomorphisms of general linear groups
  • PSC-CUNY Grant (2012)
    Automorphisms of wreath products
  • Fellowship Leave (sabbatical) at Stevens Institute of Technology, Department of Mathematical Sciences (2015-2016)
  • Fellowship Leave (sabbatical) at the CUNY Graduate Center, PhD Program in Mathematics (2023-2024)

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