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Jose A. Fernandez Romero received his B.S. in Microbiology and an M.S. in Virology from the University of Havana, Cuba and a Ph.D. in Health Sciences from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina. Professor Fernandez-Romero taught Virology and Genetic Engineering at the University of Havana while conducting research on the antiviral properties of Cuban indigenous plants. He also taught Microbiology and General Biology at Hostos Community College where he worked as an Adjunct Assistant Professor. In 2002, he joined the Center for Biomedical Research at Population Council in New York where he led the pre-clinical virology team. There, he has conducted extensive research on microbicide candidates to potentially prevent the acquisition of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). He has published widely in the areas of virology and translational medicine and is a member of the American Society for Microbiology and the International AIDS Society. Professor Fernandez-Romero joined the BMCC science department in 2016 and continues to collaborate as a visiting scientist with Population Council.

Dr. Fernandez Romero enjoys traveling around the world. Although not an expert, he also enjoys photography.



  • B.S. University of Havana, Cuba, Microbiology,1997
  • Ph.D. National University of Cordoba, Argentina, Health Sciences,2013

Courses Taught

BIO 420 (Microbiology)

Research and Projects

  • Developing and Testing a Griffithsin Microbicide
    Griffithsin (GRFT) is a protein isolated from Griffithsia sp. (red algae) and probably the most potent anti-HIV agent that has been described in the literature. Additionally, GRFT has shown antiviral activity against hepatitis C virus, SARS virus, herpes simplex virus and Ebola virus. GRFT for drug development is currently produced in tobacco plants, and the initial pre-clinical testing shows a good safety profile. Dr. Fernandez-Romero is collaborating with a multidiciplinary team at Population Council to develop a GRFT vaginal microbicide to prevent HIV acquisition and other STIs.
  • Developing a dual compartment MPT
    A dual compartment MPT may prevent vaginal and rectal acquisition of HIV and other STIs. Dr. Fernandez-Romero is collaborating with a multidiciplinary team at Population Council to develop a dual compartment MPT microbicide gel that contains the non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor MIV-150 in combination with zinc acetate and carrageenan.
  • Professor Fernandez Romero sees his role as an academic to be not just a reproducer of facts but actually a professor/mentor that sows knowledge and scientific curiosity in his students. Professor Fernandez Romero is interested in mentoring self-motivated students that want to learn about multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs). MPTs have the potential to simultaneously prevent different STIs.


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Honors, Awards and Affiliations

  • Co-Investigator: USAID Cooperative Agreement, Non-ARV-Based Combination Microbicide that Blocks HIV and Other STIs, 2013-2016
  • Co-Investigator: NIH/NIAID R21, A Novel Vaginal Ring to Prevent HIV and HSV-2 Infection, as well as Pregnancy, 2012-2014
  • Co-Investigator on subaward: NIH R01 to Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Carrageenan-Containing Gel in Reducing the Rate of HPV Infection in Healthy Participants, 2010-2015
  • 2017-2018 BMCC Faculty Development Grant
  • 2018-2019 Cycle 49 PSC-CUNY Research Award Track C, $11,944.00
  • 2019 Distinguished Teaching Award

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