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Kimo RedeR’ s research explores some of the outlying regions of (and intersections between) the neuropoetics of speaking and writing, the ongoing value of ecstatic and visionary states in our Age of Skepticism, the material conditions of meaning, and issues of alternative textuality. . A book-artist and experimental poet as well, his current projects include a maxim map of Manhattan, a symbolist micro-history of the human hand entitled The Ace of Pentagrams, and a collection of aphorisms, The Tower of Babel Tipped on Its Side Turns into a Tunnel of Love. His recent writings have appeared in Callaloo, Christianity and Literature, The Antioch Review, The Walt Whitman Quarterly, Semiotic Inquiry, The Wallace Stevens Journal, Jacket 2, The Routledge Companion to Food and Literature and elsewhere.


Countercultural Poetry (Open Field/Deep Image/Performance Prosody)

Synaesthesia/Neuroscience of Literacy

The Hermetic/Gnostic/Kabbalistic Tree of Life

Entheobotany and Consciousness Studies

Transcendentalism/Early American Utopian Communities

Pacific Rim Nature Writing

Conceptual Art/Fluxus

Post-Wittgenstein Semiotics



  • Ph.D. UCLA English  2009
  • M.A. UCLA   English  2005
  • B.A. UCLA     American Literature and Culture Summa cum laude 2002

Courses Taught

Research and Projects

Thinglore: An Animist’s Notebook

The Ace of Pentagrams: A Gnostic Neuropoetics of Our Human Hand

A Maxim-Map of Manhattan

Rogue Linguistics

The Tower of Babel Tipped on Its Side Turns into a Tunnel of Love


“‘Overlap and Interlace’: Thoreau’s Thawing Sandbank as Transgenic Artwork.” Recherches sémiotiques/Semiotic Inquiry. (Spring 2021)

 “‘Language is a Fruit the Skin of Which is Called Chatter’: Nathaniel Mackey’s Diasporic Tales of Diet-as-Dialect and Dialect-as-Drum.” Transnational Trills: Music, Politics and the Arts in the African and African Diaspora World. (Spring 2019, New York African Studies Association) pp. 261–283.

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“The Book of Love Was Written by a Plume Undipped in Ink (A Heptameter Blues).” Brooklyn Voice, November 2014.

“Transcendentalism,” “Robinson Jeffers,” “Thoreau’s Walden,” and “Utopian Communities” in Encyclopedia of the Environment in American Literature (McFarland Press). 2013.

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“(Still Looking Forward to) Canto 121” Callaloo. Fall 2010.

“If a Poem’s Margins Could Be Modeled on a Coastline…” Ascent. Fall 2010.

“American Geo-Poetic” The Antioch Review, Spring 2010.

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