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Business Management


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Dr. Shamira Malekar has teaching experience in New York and Mumbai. She is one of the founding members for the Forum of Emotional Intelligence learning (FEIL) and invited member to the Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organizations. She has several papers to her credit published in journals of repute and winner of several Best Research Paper awards. Her Thesis on “Emotional Intelligence of School and College Students” was awarded Best Doctoral Paper at IIM Bangalore and Best Thesis at IBS Mumbai.


Business Management and Emotional Intelligence



ESAP Certification: Accredited Emotional Intelligence Trainer                                   2015

Texas, USA


Ph.D. in Management studies                                                                                          2009

Birla Institute of Technology and Science – Pilani

Courses Taught

Research and Projects


  • BMCC Enhanced Learning in the Classroom (ELIC) Grant Fund – Spring 2018
  • Service Learning Grant (2016 – 2017), Co-investigator and Faculty participant. Grant amount $3500





  1.  2nd edition, “Success with Emotional Intelligence”, published by Kendall Hunt Publishers is in process for release in August 2020.
  2. Compiled and Edited – “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership: Summit 2020″

 2017 – Authored – “Success with Emotional Intelligence” published by Kendall Hunt Publishers, (ISBN No.  9781524933234, 9781524959616).

 2011 – Compiled and Edited – “Emotional Intelligence and Leadership – Better Work and Learning Environments” published by Excel Books, (ISBN No. 978-81- 7446-902-1).




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Honors, Awards and Affiliations

2019   Women Researcher in Management Award by Indian Academicians and Researchers Association.

2018   Excellence in Research: International Organization for Bene Israelis.


  • Best Faculty Award: Mumbai University’s Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management and Research.
  • Excellence in Research Award: Bene Israel Stree Mandal.
  • Best Paper award: Mumbai University’s IES Institute of Management International Conference.


  • Best Paper Award: Mumbai University’s Baba Saheb Gawde Institute of Management conference.
  • Best Researcher Award: Tiffereth Israel Synagogue.
  • Excellence in Intellectual Capital Award: Mumbai University’s Aruna Manharlal Shah Institute of Management and Research.


  • Enriching Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Award: Forum for Emotional Intelligence and Learning.
  • K. Prahalad Award for Best Ph.D Thesis Competition: Second National Doctoral Conclave” – ICFAI Business School.
  • Best Researcher Award: Eve’s Association.

2009   Best Doctoral Paper Award: Association of Indian Management Scholars (AIMS – 7) International Conference – IIM Bangalore.

2007   Best Paper Award: 4th National HR Conference, ITM – Kharghar.

2005   Best Paper award: 2nd National HR Conference, ITM – Kharghar.

1997   1st Prize for Hebrew for the Secondary School Certificate board in the Xth grade.


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