Mahatapa Palit

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Associate Professor
Business Management


Office: F-730A

Office Hours: Wed., Thurs. (10 a.m. - 12 p.m.)

Phone: +1 (212) 346-8394


Professor Mahatapa Palit has research interest in marketing of the arts; educational technology; community colleges as well as business management.

Professor Palit started her career in marketing research and went on to get a doctoral degree in business management focused on consumer behavior.

Before joining BMCC in 2003, she spent four years with a technology startup as its marketing director.

“I believe student engagement is the key to helping students succeed, and I have tried to cultivate different ways to do that through the use of digital technolgoy, project-based learning and teamwork,” she said.


Quantitative Reasoning, Marketing of Arts, Educational Technology, Community Colleges, Business Management


  • M.B.A. Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi University, Marketing,1986
  • Ph.D. Florida International University, Marketing,1999

Courses Taught

Research and Projects

  • Creative Aspirations of Community College Students


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Palit, Mahatapa. “Consumer (dis) satisfaction response to disconfirmation: An examination of the form and the underlying process.” (1999).