Claire Wladis

Claire Wladis



Office: N-598E

Office Hours: (fall 2017) Tues 9am-12pm


Claire Wladis works in both mathematics and education research. Her mathematics research is in geometric group theory, where she uses diagrams or other visual representations of groups to look for fundamental properties or interesting behavior in certain classes of groups (the Thompson groups specificallly). Her education research is focused on issues of student success and retention, particularly in mathematics, particularly in online courses, remedial courses, and STEM gateway mathematics courses such as intermediate algebra. She has been teaching online for almost a decade, and is very interested in exploring how technology and collaborative learning can be used to enhance student conceptual understanding in abstract and applied mathematics.
Students can find course information at Prof. Wladis’s webpage at


Mathematics Education, Geometry/Topology, Geometric Group Theory , Educational Technology, Educational Policy, Developmental Mathematics Education, Community Colleges


  • B.A. Yale University, philosophy,
  • M.S. University of Texas at Dallas, mathematical sciences,
  • Ph.D. CUNY Graduate Center, mathematics,

Courses Taught

MAT 315 (Linear Algebra)
MAT 320 (Abstract Algebra)

Research and Projects

  • research on the generalized Thompson groups, specifically subgroup and metric properties
  • model of online student retention, and online STEM student retention
  • elementary algebra concept inventory


Honors, Awards and Affiliations

  • BMCC/CUNY Title V Research Stipend, 2011
    Assessing Online Students at Risk: Building a Better Predictive Model for Online Course Attrition
  • PSC-CUNY research award, 2004-2005
    to support archival research in Stockholm, Moscow and St. Petersburg for a play based on mathematician Sofia Kovalevskaya
  • AWM-NSF Conference Travel Grant, 2009
    New Directions in Geometric Group Theory
  • BMCC/CUNY Faculty Development Grant, 2009
    Homology of the Braided Thompson Groups
  • Scholar Incentive Award, 2007-2008
    Metric Properties and Cryptographic Applications of the Braided Thompson Groups
  • PSC-CUNY Traditional B Reesearch Award, 2011-2012
    Assessing Online Students at Risk: Building a Better Predictive Model for Online Course Attrition
  • PSC-CUNY Research Award 2009-2010
    Metric Properties of Generalizations of Thompson’s Group F
  • CUNY Improving Undergraduate Mathematics Learning Grant, 2010-2011
    Increasing Student Success and Retention in Mathematics through Student-Centered Instruction and Collaborative Learning
  • Nominated for the Feliks Gross Endowment Award, 2009 and 2010

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