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Christine Priano received a B.S. in Biology from Fordham University and earned M.A., M.Ph., and Ph.D. degrees in Genetics and Development from Columbia University. As a molecular biologist, she conducted research at Columbia University and Downstate Medical Center of the State University of New York, focusing on the role of RNA secondary structure in bacteriophage gene expression. Since 2008, she has taught Biology courses at BMCC and has mentored a number of BMCC students on a variety of research projects.




  • B.S. Fordham University, Biology,1979
  • M.S. Columbia University, Genetics and Development,1980
  • Ph.D. Columbia University, Genetics and Development,1986

Courses Taught

BIO 210 (Biology I)
BIO 220 (Biology II)

Research and Projects

  • Examination of microbial life in local fresh water areas and coastal marine regions.
    Research includes characterizing microbial life in local fresh water and intertidal environments. Projects focus on examining the response of microbes to conditions of environmental stress and identifying ecological relationships among these and other organisms that co-inhabit these zones.


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Honors, Awards and Affiliations

  • BMCC Faculty Development Grant


  • BMCC Presidential Scholar


  • PSC CUNY Grant


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