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Since 1992, BMCC Associate Professor of Science Chiaki Yanagisawa has been part of a research team led by Professor Takaaki Kajita of the University of Tokyo, Japan, who along with Professor Arthur McDonald of Queen’s University, Canada, just received the 2015 Nobel Prize for Physics for their work proving that neutrinos (like electrons, but without an electric charge) have mass.
“Professor Kajita presented our discovery at an international conference in Japan in 1998,” says Yanagisawa. “This announcement took the particle physics community by storm.”
Using oscillation, the team discovered that a neutrino changes its identity called “flavor” while it is in flight.
According to Yanagisawa, “although for a long time we thought neutrinos were mass-less, neutrinos actually have tiny mass. This discovery is the first crack in the highly successful Standard Model of particle physics which assumes that neutrinos are mass-less. Using neutrino oscillation as a tool, we are now trying to answer one of the greatest mysteries of the Universe: why we see, overwhelmingly, matter but not anti-matter in the Universe.”



  • B.S. University of Tokyo, Fundamental Sciences,1975
  • M.S. University of Tokyo, Physics,1977
  • Ph.D. University of Tokyo, Physics,1981

Courses Taught

PHY 110 (General Physics)
PHY 210 (Physics I)

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  • Combined Analysis of Neutrino and Antineutrino Oscillations at T2K, PRL 118, 151801, 2017,Physical Review Letters

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