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Andrew Levy is the author most recently of Artifice in the Calm Damages (Chax Press, 2017), Don’™t Forget to Breathe (Chax Press), Nothing Is In Here (EOAGH Books), and Cracking Up (Truck Books), along with eleven other titles of poetry and prose including, The Big Melt (Factory School), Paper Head Last Lyrics (Roof Books), Ashoka (Zasterle), and Values Chauffeur You (O Books). His writing works on the intersections of poetry & politics, class & racial division, the ecology of commerce & environment, economic & social justice, improvisational & experimental music, journalism & media convergence, the nature of language & religion, and the technologizing of the word & freedom. Levy’s poems and essays have appeared in numerous American and international magazines and anthologies including The Gertrude Stein Awards in Innovative American Poetry, Telling It Slant: Avant-Garde Poetics of the 1990s, LITSCAPES: Collected US Writings 2015, and An Anthology of 60 Contemporary American Poets (Zasterle, Spain, 2017). He was co-editor and publisher of the poetry journal Crayon with Roberto Harrison, 1997-2008. In addition, he fosters collaborations between musicians and writers on improvisatory poetry readings and performances.



  • Ph.D. SUNY at Stony Brook, Comparative Literature,
  • Associate Naropa Institute, Music & Poetics,
  • Bachelor of Arts Indiana University, English/Creative Writing,

Courses Taught

ENG 101 (English Composition)
ENG 333 (The Short Story)
ENG 345 (Modern Poetry)

Research and Projects

  • My recent research project is on jazz in its cultural context drawing on personal anecdote, observation, conversations with jazz artists, aesthetic theory, and cultural theory as an important point of entry into some of the most contested issues of our era?power, identity, representation, history, ethics, and social change. In addition, I am engaged in a literary, performative, and sonic analysis of the role of dissonance in the art of improvisation and its importance to modernist and post-modernist American poetry.
  • I serve on the advisory committee of the ?Living Archives? project initiated by The Center for the Humanities and the PhD Program in English at The Graduate Center, CUNY. ?Living Archives? aims to create alliances between libraries, arts institutions, and individuals across the country in order to highlight and preserve the work of living artists as well as their contemporaries, past and present. Along with an ongoing chapbook series, ?Lost And Found,? the project encompasses research fellowships for students and artists to work together, inside and outside of the archives. The ?Living Archives? is associated with the CUNY Poetics Document Initiative.


  • Artifice in the Calm Damages,Tucson, AZ: Chax Press
  • Dona??t Forget to Breathe,Tucson, AZ: Chax Press
  • Cracking Up,New York, NY: Truck Books
  • Nothing Is In Here (Novella),New York, NY: EOAGH
  • Memories of My Father,Asheville, NC: Innerer Klang Press
  • The Big Melt,NY: The Factory School
  • Scratch Space,Buffalo, NY: Cuneiform Press
  • Ashoka,Tenerife, Spain: Zasterle Books
  • Paper Head Last Lyrics,New York, NY: Roof Books
  • Elephant Surveillance to Thought,Buffalo, NY: Meow Press
  • Continuous Discontinuous a?? Curve 2,Elmwood, CT: Potes & Poets Press
  • Curve,Oakland, CA: O Books
  • Democracy Assemblages,Asheville, NC: Innerer Klang Press
  • Values Chauffeur You,Oakland, CA: O Books
  • Between poems,Charlestown, MA: Innerer Klang Press

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