NC Grade Policy

Under the guidance of CUNY, BMCC’s Academic Senate has adopted the following NC Grade Policy effective Spring 2018 for freshmen students if they meet the following requirements/guidelines:

  1. Students must opt-in by the withdrawal deadline.
  2. Students must continue attending the class, complete all assignments, and take the final exam.
  3. The option to take a course as “NC” will only be offered to freshmen for a maximum of 8 credits, or 2 classes. A freshman is defined as a student who has earned 30 credits or less, including transfer credits. Non-credit bearing remedial classes will not be included in these 30 credits.
  4. The “NC” grade will only apply to earned letter grades “C-” or below. A student who requests the “NC” option and earns a grade “C” or above will receive their earned grade.
  5. Students should be encouraged to consult with their instructor when requesting the option of an “NC” grade.

Please note that the “NC” grade may impact student’s Financial Aid, and will not be calculated in the student’s Grade Point Average (GPA) at BMCC. However, when the student transfers to another institution, “NC” grade may be treated as an “F” grade.

Faculty will submit their grades by following the BMCC standard grade assignment chart. “NC” grade will be assigned administratively by the Registrar to qualified students who opts in by the withdrawal deadline. No special action will be needed by faculty.

For more information, contact the Office of the Registrar: or (212) 220-1290.

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