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Fanny Rodriguez

I'm Spanish professor at BMCC, since 2010. Originally from Guayaquil, Ecuador, I love teaching my native language. My job as a Spanish teacher is to help my students learn not only Spanish but acquire knowledge of Hispanic culture. Additionally, I want them to get solid bases that can help them in their careers.

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The following is a selected directory of social media channels at BMCC. Social Media Guidelines Other Borough of Manhattan Community College Official BMCC social media channels, managed by the Office of Public Affairs TikTok Threads: @bmcc_cuny Academic Advisement & Transfer Center (AATC) Accelerated Study in Associate Programs (ASAP) Admissions Snapchat Alumni Relations Art Foundations and...

A Cure for Math Phobia

Two trains are heading in opposite directions on a Friday morning. Are you sweating yet?

Reading, Writing, and The Deep

BMCC student Kuhinur Jahan (Left) and Professor Zetta Elliott (Right) December 17, 2013 “The Black Man in Contemporary Society,” a course offered through BMCC’s Center for Ethnic Studies, was taught this semester by professor and author Zetta Elliott.“Some of you are probably surprised to come in and see me at the front of the...