Mission Statement and Goals

As one of twenty-three colleges within The City University of New York, BMCC shares CUNY's mission to preserve academic excellence and extend higher educational opportunity to a diversified urban population. In addition, Borough of Manhattan Community College is dedicated to providing general, liberal arts, career education and continuing education programs, relevant to the needs, interests and aspirations of students of all ages.

The College is committed to offering quality education in pluralistic urban environment, to fostering excellence in teaching, to facilitate the enhancement of learning, and to sustaining full access to higher education for those who seek fulfillment of personal, career or socioeconomic goals. BMCC is also committed to providing collaborative programs and services responsive to the educational, cultural and recreational needs of the community.

Consistent with its stated mission, the College supports the following goals:

  • To provide higher education to a diverse urban constituency in support of CUNY's policy of open admissions.
  • To provide a collegiate environment conducive to the advancement and reinforcement of teaching and learning.
  • To provide all students with a level of proficiency in basic skills to assure their readiness for, and likely success in, college and the workplace.
  • To enable and encourage students to make sensible and informed choices in setting their academic, career and personal goals.
  • To provide for all students a general education that fosters personal development, intellectual curiosity and critical thinking to enhance informed and effective participation in society.
  • To promote multicultural awareness and understanding in our college community and respect for pluralism and diversity in our society.
  • To prepare liberal arts and career students for transfer to four-year colleges.
  • To prepare students in career programs for employment and career mobility.
  • To encourage lifelong learning independent of degree programs.
  • To enhance cultural, recreational and social life of the community.
  • To maintain a governance structure that facilitates the participation of faculty, administrators, and students in the life of the College and encourages contributions and involvement by alumni and advisory groups.