Borrowing Equipment

The Library has laptops, tablets, graphing and scientific calculators, and other equipment. Equipment can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk.

To borrow equipment from the Circulation Desk, students must have a valid BMCC ID card. The CUNY appropriate computer usage policy applies to all computer usage, including use of Laptops and Tablets.

Distance Learning Devices

Chromebooks, iPads, Bluetooth keyboards, and Wi-fi hotspots are available in limited numbers for loan for currently registered students who need these devices for distance learning. They can be borrowed until the end of the semester. 

Devices are for students only.  Students must be registered for the current semester and proof of registration is required. You can borrow one device and a hotspot, e.g., Chromebook and hotspot OR iPad and hotspot. Please come early as our supply is limited.  

Specialized devices needed for classes in Media Arts and Technology must be approved by that department.   

When returning an iPad please make sure that you have logged out of iCloud, Find my iPad, or any other Apple accounts. Please charge the iPad before returning it so that we can quickly confirm that you have logged out of everything. 

Please call Library staff at 212-220-1451 or email if you have any questions. 


They can be checked out a half hour after the library opens.
Last checkout is a half hour before closing.
Laptops can be borrowed for three hours at a time and can be renewed once.
Anything you wish to save must be saved to a USB drive. To print from laptops, please see our instructions.


Tablets can be checked out a half-hour after the library opens. They can be borrowed for three days and can be renewed once.

Flash Drives

A small number of USB flash drives are available to use with Library equipment. They can be borrowed from the Circulation Desk.


We have several dozen scientific calculators. They can be checked out for eight weeks.

Graphing calculators are available to be checked out for seven days.

Battery Chargers

Chargers are available for three-hour loan. While the chargers work with most devices Apple users are advised to bring their own cable to plug into the charger.


Equipment is subject to overdue fines of $15 for every hour late up to a maximum of $150.  Replacement and repair fees may also be charged if the equipment is damaged.  For more information please see our Policies Page.